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Characteristics, Classification and Causes of Social Problems

Characteristics of Social Problems
Salient feature of social problem is that it charges the situation in such a way that a problem is created to the extent that existing social order have to be changed. It also means that it is difficult to solve the problem but to feel that such a solution is inevitable or undesirable is not proper. But one of the significant characteristics of social problem is that it becomes problem only when the people begin to feel and take that in that sense. As long as the people are not aware of the problem, even though that exists there is no social disharmony, but maladjustments come to the front only when the masses become conscious of it.

Classification of Social Problems
So far no universally accepted classification has been produced about social problems. Our sociologists have tried to give different classification. Harold A Phelps has classified social problems as biological, e.g. physical defects, bio-psychological e.g. feeble mindedness, cultural e.g. juvenile delinquency and economic e.g. poverty and unemployment. Another classification is based on heritage e.g. physical heritage, biological heritage, and social heritage. But so far no universally accepted classification has been produced. Primary season for this is that in society no problem is absolute. Every problem is relative and is also linked with one or more aspects of our social life.

Causes of Social Problems
Social problems are not a welcome in any society. These create disharmony and maladjustment but still the problems exist. What are the main causes of social problems is a question, which has been posed by our sociologists. So far the problem has fond no solution and every attempt made in this regard has failed. The main reason for this is that the sociologists cannot pinpoint a single cause responsible for creating a social problem. The cause, which may be responsible in one society, may not be responsible in the other society. Similarly what may be responsible under certain circumstances may not be under certain other circumstances and so on. In fact in actual practice it has been found difficult to find out any single cause responsible for creating social problems. Some of the many causes include feeble mindedness of the individual and his physical disability. Industrialization, immobility and weak social institutions may be other causes responsible for creating social problems.

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