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Thursday, March 11, 2010

War and Community (Short Note)

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War also creates many problems for the community. The whole system on which the community rests gets disturbed and the new order is found essential. One of the serious problems which community faces it is that war gives birth to class war. In the words of Maclver and Page, “While the immediate effect of war often is to stimulate intense solidarity within the belligerent community, obliterating or overwhelming conflict over domestic issues, as the war continues or after it is finished, the strains and pressures create and the attitudes bred by resort to force are apt to accentuate old differences and to breed new ones. It has been observed from ancient times that an aftermath of war is class war”.

War and Civilization (Short Note)

No doubt wars have been witnessed by all societies and at all times, yet its continuity is no justification for its continuance. Progress and growth of human civilization and society gets a serious setback due to war. Due to war our ancient monuments, which are the symbol of our culture, are destroyed. Young and able-bodied persons are eaten away by the war and thus ration between men and women is disturbed. Due to lack of family affection and parental care, the children get spoiled and thus the whole process of cultural and civilization advancement gets a serious setback. In the words of Maclver and page, “No high policy seems a recompense for the destruction of the manhood of a whole generation, for the culture disrupting the falsehood and hatred without which it cannot be waged for the jeopardy of civilization itself. These indications point to a new orientation of man toward an institution which has not been rendered obsolete but which has proved to be tragically incongruous with the changed conditions of human life”.

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