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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Economic Causes of Criminology (Short Note)

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In poverty economic causes play a very significant role. Unequal distribution of wealth is one major reason. Similarly monopoly of means of production and distribution in the hands of few is another reason. It is due to this that the few get an opportunity to exploit man. It is also due to this that rich become richer and poor still poorer. In a country with agricultural economy, uneven distribution of land and quick division and sub-division of cultivable land increases poverty. In the economic field we find that depression in trade and commerce and also labour unrest resulting in lockouts and strikes are some of the other causes for poverty. In a country, which has been in a position to end unproductive hoarding, the nation is bound to be poor and living standard of the people is sure to come down. As already said, unemployment is a major contributing factor in so far as poverty is concerned. Unemployment and poverty are to a large extent directly related to each other.

Geographical Causes of Criminology (Short Note)

In addition to personal causes there are many geographical causes for poverty as well. The nature may not favour a nation with favourable climate for production. Hence the people are bound to be poor. The country may be poor in natural resources and even if the people try to put in their maximum efforts, results may not be encouraging. We find that due to poor natural resources the people in the deserts and high mountains are usually poor. Such geographically unwanted calamities as corruption of volcanoes or earthquakes or lightening etc. increase the magnitude and extent of poverty.

Geographical Conditions (Short Note)

Geographical school of thought makes us believe that climatic and seasonal conditions are responsible for crimes. They make use believe that in hot countries crimes are committed against the individuals whereas in cold countries these are against a party. Similarly they say that according to geography crimes are committed costly in the plains rather than the hills. Therefore, they feel that geography is responsible for increase or decrease of crimes.

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