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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Newspaper & Cinema (Short Note)

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In order to get publicity and wide circulation the newspapers print such stories, which highlight crimes and also discuss methods of committing crimes and avoiding police. This way the newspapers encourage crime. In our modern society cinema is a very popular source of recreation. A movie is enjoyed by millions daily. But cinema indirectly encourages tendencies towards crimes. It encourages sexual desire, urge for exhibition of body, teaches crime techniques, stimulates desires for wealth and comforts and portrays a criminal as hero. All these factors collectively result in making a person criminal and what they see in a movie try to practice in actual life.

Heredity (Short Note)

There is a school of though, which believes that the crime comes with the blood and that once the criminal has been born he cannot be removed from the path. One cannot deny that early sexual maturity, mental defects and nervous instability are the causes for committing crimes and these are related to heredity but at the same it is wrong to believe that heredity is the exclusive factor in this regard.

Physical Defects (Short Note)

Some of our sociologists try to prove that physical defects are also responsible for crimes. Those who are physically handicapped or are feeble minded or have been condemned by the society try to make up their deficiency by condemning the society and taking revenge on that. They become law violators, criminals, robbers and dacoits.

Religion (Short Note)

Religion is the most important source of purification and should be responsible for keeping the people away from the crimes. But unfortunately, today, in the name of religion many serious crimes are committed. Murders are looting, communal riots etc. are done in the name of religion. In the name of religion so many crimes were committed in England that there arose need and necessity of Reformation. Tudor and Stuart periods in the History of England are known for struggle between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. In Pakistan, in the name of religion country was partitioned, properties were looted and most heinous crimes were committed which are a slur of the fair name of our society.

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