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Monday, February 15, 2010

Defective Marriages (Short Note)

Monday, February 15, 2010 - 1 Comment

Defective marriages result in many crimes. These marriages can be due to many reasons e.g. due to established social customs such as dowry. Those parents who cannot afford it wed their daughters with ugly and wealthy aged people. In such cases the young girls can become corrupt or even commit suicide.

Lack of Social Control (Short Note)

Then another reason is that like family, control of society over its members has considerably weakened. That is more so in urban rather than in rural areas. In big cities one finds absolutely no social control. In rural areas there is still little control. That is perhaps the reason as to why the rate of crimes in the cities is higher than what is in the villages

Lack of Control (Short Note)

One of the causes of the crime is lack of control of the head of the family over the children. Bonds of family are not so tight as these once used to be in the past. The children do not obey the commands of their parents and in fact there is no real affection between the members of the family. All this has resulted in considerable freedom to the children for committing crime. Adultery, abortion, prostitution and juvenile delinquency are primarily due to lack of family control.

Corruption as Social Problem of Pakistan (Short Note)

Bribery, especially in Pakistani society, is a social evil and a social problem. In this case also the person holds his personal values higher than the cultural and religious values. If the cultural and religious values get more importance than his personal values he will not commit corruption. This depends upon the specialization of the individual which he received in early life. The family background and the factors of association also play important role in this behaviour. To remove corruption the whole social order will have to be changed. The socializing agencies will have to undergo change of socialization. The method of socialization will be according to cultural patterns. Our culture creates hatred against, corruption instead of adopting the patterns of culture we are changing the patterns of culture rapidly. We will not succeed in socializing cultural values in young generation. Because we are laying, emphasis on culture change than on cultural adoption in our socializing institutions-family, education and others.

Solution of Social Problems (Short Note)

For the solution of these problems their corresponding efforts are required. If an individual over-emphasizes his personal values upon groups he may misuse national resources called “corruption”—an anti-social act and a social problem in our society. The solution is to make the individual realize that group values are more important than his personal values.

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