Thursday, August 12, 2010

Environment and World Resources

Common environment unites life. In some parts of the world, the land is recovering from decades of abuse. We can compare polluted lake Eric of 1960s to much cleaner lake of 1990s. A lake once unfit for fishing and other recreational uses is now used for these purposes. Tracts of land have been set aside for use as natural and wilderness areas. Many non biodegradable (the substances that cannot be broken down by biological processes) substances have been taken out of market place. These developments and others like them offer hope. Some societies are beginning to realise that all life shares dependence on earth’s resources. Even though there is hope many societies have not abandoned those values that treat land, water and air commodities that can be brought and sold or neglected and abused. The problems are most acute in the developing counties that are striving to attain the same wealth as industrialized nations. In the process the land suffers, population growth goes unchecked, tonic wastes are dumped plant and animal species becomes extinct and deserts and famine expand. Government and private agencies like world watch institute have undertaken large-scale evolution of environmental health of the world. The results of such studies deserve the serious attention of every concerned citizen.
Global over population in some cause of global problems. Among these human population growth is expected to continue in twenty first century that is around 92% in less developed countries.
Since majority of population will be of child bearing age, growth could even be faster in 21st century. As the human population grows, the disparity between wealthiest and poorest nations will increase.
World Resource: Human over population is stressing world resources. Although new techniques continue to increase food production, most food is produced in industrialized countries that already have high per capita food consumption. Maximum oil production is expected to continue into new millennium to meet the ever increasing needs of energy. Continued use of fossil food adds more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, contributing to the green house effect and global warning.
Deforestation: The process of cutting or removing the forests of large areas of the world results from continued demand for forest products and fuel. Thus trend contributes to the green house effect causes severe regional water shortage and results in the extinction of many plants and animal species especially in tropical forests. Forest presentation would result in the identification of new species of plants and animals that could be important human resources, new foods and drugs, building material and predators of the pests. Nature also has intrinsic value that is first important as its provision of human resources.
Solution: Above mentioned problems cannot be easily solved, famine and other problems, that accompany over production steps should also be taken towards improved social and economic conditions and better resource management.

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