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Difference between "Sin", "Crime", "Vice", "Tort", and "Immorality".

For the sake of scientific study, the sin, the vice, the tort, the immorality etc, have been dealt with differently in criminology. A crime is an act against society or law or both for which it is penalised. Keeping this definition of crime in view, it will be beneficial to differentiate all these concepts from crime.

Crime and Sin

All the acts against religion are considered sins. Thus, sin can be defined as the transgression of divine laws. Its very base is religion, while the crime is based upon laws. The concept of sin is traditional, based on orthodoxy and rigidity. The final decision in sin is taken on the basis of religious books while in the matter of crime; it is taken by law court. Darrow has defined sin in a most suitable manner. In his words, “Sin……is an offence against God, a transgression against the divine law and any thought, desire, word, an act or omission against that law”.

Crime and Vice

Vices are often included in the category of crimes, but many of them, sometimes are not regarded as crimes. There is a lot of difference in their aims. The crimes cause harm to others while the vicious or the wicked causes harm to him only. For example, the vices like gambling, drinking prostitution or deriving pleasure out of illicit sexual intercourse; cause harm to the individual only. As the harm to the individual indirectly effects, the latter therefore prohibits the vices and generally gives punishment for them.

Crime and Tort

The encroachment upon the individual rights is known as tort. Under-hill has included the following actions in tort.

1. Encroachment of fundamental rights for which one is really authorized.

2. Encroachment of rights for which one is to suffer from personal loss.

3. The encroachment of social rights of an individual. The losses which can be compensated are counted as tort. The torts can be compensated, but in a crime a due punishment is given compulsorily by the law itself. In tort the man who has been injured or damaged by the vicious act, applies to the court for the compensation while in the matter of crime, the state itself punishes the criminal. The expression, interpretation or any sort of article.


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