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The United Nations (Summary)

Part I:

Second World War had brought lot of misery for the human race. The causalities ran into millions. Millions lost their properties. There was poverty, hunger and disease in every part of the world, People wanted peace, they wanted that world must become one in every respect. As the result of this wish the great and small nations of the world came closer in April 1945 and formed a world body named United Nations.

The UN acts as peace maker. It has succeeded only in certain cases but that is not cause of despair. UN is more successful in social and economic field. It is helping the under developed nations in their development projects and is trying to raise the standard of living of their people.

On the UN platform men and women of different parts of the world get together discuss their problems with experts, and they make improvement in their own countries.

Every year on October 24th UN day is celebrated all over the world. On that day people make pledge to work for the cause of International peace and brother hood.

Part II:

The UN consists of General Assembly, Security Council and the Secretariat which works under its Secretary General.

The General Assembly is the Chief Organ of UN and is made up of all the member countries, each nation can send five representatives, but has only one vote. At each sitting it elects its President.

The Security Council has fifteen members five of whom namely China, France, UK, Russia and USA are permanent members while other ten three each year are elected by General Assembly for two years terms. Five permanent members have veto power they can veto any decision taken by Security Council.

Secretary General is the Chief Executive officer of the UN. The General Assembly elects him for five years terms with the approved of Security Council. There is a staff of three thousand five hundred persons working under him. The Secretariat has much work to do they have to manage meetings, keep the record of sayings and doings. They under take scientific study of various urgent problems.

Part III:

The UN has several specialized agencies some of which are independent. Some important agencies of UN are as under.

The International Bank lends money to member nations for development projects.

UNICEF or the Children’s Fund specializes in the relief work for children.

WHO or World Health Organization helps member countries in health problems it helps to eradicate various diseases.

FAO or Food and Agriculture Organization advise member countries, on agriculture problems.

UNESCO tries to advance human well being through education, science and culture. It does this work by teaching experts from member nations to go about the job.


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