Sunday, October 11, 2009

Science and Society (Summary)

Three features have marked the marvellous development of science since seventeenth century. The first and most important of these features is the scientific attitude of mind which insists on objective reasoning. It means that we could not follow our won beliefs blindly. The second feature is the invention of scientific instruments for observations, experiments and measurement. The third feature is effective use of Mathematics.

The work of great scientist Newton demonstrates these three elements of modern science. He brought about a great revolution in science and changed old beliefs because he acted upon these three important features. He worked on such instruments as telescope and prism and then applied his Mathematical theories of scientific research.

If two scientists different from one other in all respects work in the same physical phenomena, they are sure to reach the same conclusion because their instruments will give them the same reading and universal laws of Mathematics will give the same result.

Man has been successful in solving scientific problems but is it pity that he has failed to solve numerous political and social problems. Science is trying its level best to eradicate evils of poverty and disease. It has paid a lot towards comforts of mankind, but it has its own limitations. Its methods apply only to those things which can be observed, measured and treated mathematically. It has nothing to do, with values like happiness, goodness, beauty, courage, justice, altruism, friendship, love of family and patriotism.

It is necessary to educate youth in moderns science. With out education they will find this world incomprehensible. They can not be good citizens unless they are aware of the values which underline human beliefs, motives and conduct. In this troubled period of human history, religion and humanities are as vital as science to the education of good citizens.


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