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Science and Scientists (Questions and Answers)

Q.1: What is meant by the phrase the man in the street?
Ans: The phrase “the man in the street” means a common man.
Q.2: What is meant by ‘jumping to conclusion’?
Ans: By jumping to conclusion is meant arriving quickly at result without testing the statement.
Q.3: What is the meaning of ‘object’ in the last sentence of the second paragraph? Give at least two other meaning with which the word can be used?
Ans: In this sentence the word ‘object’ means aim or purpose. Two other meaning of it are ‘a noun to which action is directed’ and it also means a thing.
Q.4: What is the meaning of ‘unambiguous’?
Ans: Unambiguous means clear.
Q.5: What is an experiment?
Ans: An experiment means observation of facts under controlled condition. We do so in order test a theory.
Q.6: In not more than three sentences explain why the man in the street considers chemistry to be science and art not be science?
Ans: The man in the street lightly knows that science deals with facts and not imagination. Chemistry experiments with physical facts, so he knows it to be science. Art is based on imagination so he feels that it is not a science.
Q.7: ‘I know that fat people are stupid because I have a cousin who is fat and he is very stupid’. Explain why these words reveal an unscientific out (look)?
Ans: Science makes experiments to find universal truth. It does not arrive to any conclusion with out sufficient evidence. The scientist does not let personal prejudices influence findings. Here conclusion is drawn from the observation made of only one person’s character. So it reveals an unscientific out look. The fact is that many fat persons are not stupid at all.
Q.8: ‘I’ve always believed that girls are less intelligent than boys. I don’t care what the result of intelligence tests show – I’m not going to change my mind’. Explain why these words reveal an unscientific out look?
Ans: A person with scientific attitude does not allow his personal prejudices to influence his judgment. But the statement is based on personal prejudices against girls. Hence it is clear that the statement reveals unscientific out look.
Q.9: Explain the difference between a fact of science and a law of science. If you are student of science give an example of each?
Ans: As science deals with such objects that we can see in our daily life. These are the facts of science and science is also is a collection of rules and laws which express connection between these facts. It is a fact that electrons revolve round the nucleus of an atom but became law when Rutherford stated that how they are revolving in orbits.
Q.10: How do scientists prove that their facts are correct?Ans: Scientists prove their facts to be true by making various experiments to test their truth.


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