Friday, October 2, 2009

Polygenic Inheritance (Short Note)

The traits that are controlled by two or more than two separate pairs of genes, which manifest themselves in an additive fashion to yield continuously varying traits. This is known as Polygenic inheritance. The simplest polygenic situation occurs when there are at least two gene pairs that affect the same trait in additive fashion. In certain type of what with coloured kernels for example, there are two genes pairs for the kernel colour, each with alleles A and a. to distinguish two pairs subscripts 1 and 2 are used for each gene allele. Thus the dominant alleles are written as A1 and A2 while the recessive as a1 and a2. with all the dominant alleles A1A1, A2A2 four doses of pigments are produced,
thus the colour of kernel will be deep dark red. With all the recessive alleles a1a1, a2a2, no pigment is produced and colour remain white. The intermediate number of dominant alleles yields intermediate intensities of red colour.

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