Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Bank Account (Summary)

The author is highly educated person but he is afraid of a bank. He tells that as soon as he entered the premises of the bank he became very nervous and started behaving like an irresponsible fool. He wanted to open an account in bank because he got an increment and whished to save it in bank. He walked in asked the Accountant if he could see the Manager in private. The request was complied with. The manager took him to a private room believing that he was a detective. But when he told him that he only wanted to open an account and make initial deposits of 56 pounds. After knowing this manager was relieved and sent him back to the Accountant.

As soon as account was opened he said that he wanted to draw a cheque. He wanted to withdraw only 6 pounds but he wrote a cheque of 56 pounds which was the amount deposited by him a few minutes before. Clerk was surprised to see such cheque and ejaculated if he was drawing it all out again. He realized his mistake but was so miserable that he made carelessly a decision to with draw the whole amount. He replied in affirmative. His account was closed and he walked out of the bank hearing a big roar of laughter from behind the door.


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