Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Letters (Questions and Answers)

Q.1: When did Mr. Qureshi arrive in London and where did he stay for the first six days?

Ans: Mr. Qureshi arrived in London on Monday February 3, 1992 and stayed for the first six days at Montrose Hotel, Montrose Square, London.

Q.2: About how long did Mr. Qureshi stay in Britain?

Ans: Mr. Qureshi stayed in Britain for about tow months.

Q.3: Briefly explain how Saleem and David came to write to each other?

Ans: During his stay in England Mr. Qureshi went to see his English friends the Browns. Their son David Brown was of the same age as Mr. Qureshi’s son Saleem Qureshi. David was keen to know about life in Pakistan and offered to exchange letters with Mr. Qureshi’s son. Mr. Qureshi wrote to Saleem advising him to accept the offer which would improve his English and that is how the two boys came to write to each other.

Q.4: From Saleems’ letter how many children does Mr. Qureshi appear to have?

Ans: From Saleem’s letter it appears that Mr. Qureshi had one daughter and two sons.

Q.5: Where did Saleem go to take part in congregational prayers on Eid-ul-Fiter? Who accompanied him?

Ans: Saleem went to polo ground in Karachi to take part in congregational prayers on Eid-ul-Fiter with his relatives.

Q.6: What are carols and when are they sung?

Ans: Carols are hymns of joy. They are sung at Christmas.

Q.7: Why do children in England hang up empty stockings by their beds on Christmas Eve?

Ans: Children in England hang up empty stockings by their beds on Christmas Eve in the hope that legendary figure Father Christmas, will fill the stocking with Christmas present while they are asleep.

Q.8: Would you expect to see snow if you were in London at Christmas? What sort of weather would you expect?

Ans: It rarely snows in Southern England before January. So I could not expect to see snow in London at Christmas. The weather would be very cold and gloomy.

Q.9: Does Easter always fall on same date? What is the season in Britain when it occurs?

Ans: No Easter done not always fall on the same date. It varies with the moon but always falls during the spring season.

Q.10: What made the Browns decide not to drive to the seaside on Easter Monday in 1992?

Ans: The Browns decided not to drive to the seaside on Easter Monday in 1992 because on the previous Easter they had a very tedious journey owing to traffic jams.


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