Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chromosomal Translocations (Short Note)

Translocations involve the movement of a segment of a chromosome to new place in the genome. The translocation may occur within single chromosome or it may be Reciprocal Translocation. If it occurs between two non homologous chromosomes. The arms of two non homologous chromosomes come close to each other so that the exchange is facilitated. Two breaks are required if the translocation involves internal segment of the chromosome, two in each chromosome. The genetic information is not lost or regained as a result of translocation. Rather there is only rearrangement of genetic material. The presence of translocation does not therefore directly alter the viability following fertilization. Translocation like inversions may also produce position effect because they may realign certain genes in relation to other genes or to heterochromatic area. This exchange does however create new genetic linkage relationship which can be detected experimentally.

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