Friday, September 4, 2009

A Visit

Mr. Ahmed was a school teacher. His class was fond of going on picnic. Mr. Ahmed’s class felt very happy, when their Head Master granted them permission to visit any important place in school bus for one day.

Mr. Ahmed arranged the picnic to an agriculture Farm. Mr. Hassan the Manager of the Farm welcomed the boys at the gate and showed them around.

The boys were very much surprised to see such big Farm. It was wheat harvesting season and a big machine was working there. It was cutting the crop and making bundles of it. Thresher was separating grains from the chaff. The boys learnt from Mr. Hassan that ploughing, seeding, threshing and other such works are done by machines on the farm. By adopting that method of farming they get much produce in comparison to an ordinary farm. Beside the use of machines they use chemical fertilizer and provide tube well water to lands whole the year. They spray insecticides in order to protect the crop from harmful insects and diseases. He told them that they grow wheat, maize cotton, sugar can, grams, vegetables, oranges and mangoes. On vegetable farm boys were surprised to see growing there such vegetable which were out of season. They were informed that farm management intends to add dairy to it. They would be invited when dairy started working. Boys were of the view that visit was very informative for them.


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