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A Visit (Solved Excercises of the Book)

B. Learn the meanings and spellings of the following words from the lesson and use ten of them in sentences of your own.

Planning, model, huge, harvesting, sheaves, fertilizer, enrich, irrigate, orchard, plentiful, harmful, delicious.

1. Planning: We are planning for future.

2. Model: Quaid – e – Azam is the role model for us.

3. Huge: He saw a huge building.

4. Harvesting: I was in my village during harvesting of wheat.

5. Sheaves: Farmers were carrying the sheaves of rice.

6. Fertilizer: Nowadays chemical fertilizers are being used.

7. Enrich: Soil is enriched by fertilizers.

8. Irrigate: Our land is irrigated by tube-well.

9. Orchard: They have mango-orchard.

10. Plentiful: We supply plentiful water to fish pond.

11. Harmful: We should save crop from harmful insects.

12. Delicious: She cooks delicious food.

C. Complete these sentences with words from the lesson.

1. The Head Master had allowed them a day’s outing.

2. Mr. Hassan received them at the gate and showed them around.

3. With one sweep it seemed to eat up a large area of crop.

4. The students watched the working of the machine with keen interest.

5. No certainly not.

6. The sowing machine sows the seed well.

7. No seed goes waste.

8. We use chemical fertilizers to enrich the soil.

9. The visitors were surprised to see growing there such vegetables as were out of season.

10. He offered the boys fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.

D. Change passage into direct speeches:

Mr. Hassan “The farm has been doing so well that we have decided to add dairy to it. There finest cows and buffaloes will be kept. The farm will use and electric Milker to milk the animals. Modern machinery will make cream and butter”.

F. Composition:

(i) Narrate in your own words how they get so much produce per hectare on the model farm.

Ans: They get so much produce by using machinery, chemical fertilizer, best seeds, and plentiful water of tube well. They also spray insecticides on crop to kill germs and insects.

(ii) Write ten sentences about the crops grown in your area.

Ans: I live in Larkana district. Here we get water from Rice Canal and Dadu Canal. Rice Canal supplies water only in the season of rice growing, while Dadu Canal supplies water whole the year. Here we grow crops of Rabi as well as Khareef. In the winter we grow wheat, grams and mustard oil. Here sugar cane is also grown. Rice is the speciality of the area. Along these crops louts is grown here. Guava is also grown here. People also cultivate vegetables of many kinds.

(iii) Write ten sentences to show whether modern methods of farming are better or the old ones.

Ans: In my view the modern methods of farming are better than old ones for the following reasons. In modern method machine save time as well as labour. Tractor prepares the land very well. Best seed is selected, seed is sown by machine, so the seed does not go waste. Harvesting is done by machines, threshing of corn is also done by thresher. In modern farming tube-well supplies the water to field whole the year. Insecticides are sprayed to protect the crops from diseases. For growing much product chemical fertilizers are used.

(iv) Write a dialogue between on inspector of the Agriculture department and farmer discussing the advantages of chemical fertilizers and insecticides sprayed on crops.

Ans: Inspector: Do you use chemical fertilizers?

Farmer: I do not use chemical fertilizers.

Inspector: If you do not use the chemical fertilizer then what is the produce of wheat per hectare at your farm?

Farmer: Average produce of my farm is 15 to 20 quintals of wheat per hectare.

Inspector: I suggest that chemical fertilizers may be used in order to get much produce.

Farmer: If my produce would increase then I shall use chemical fertilizer.

Inspector: OK that is very good but we have to use insecticides in order to protect crop from diseases also.

Farmer: You are right sir at present I do not spray insecticides. The result is that a lot of crops are destroyed by insects.

Inspector: The agriculture department will provide you insecticides in order to kill harmful insects. Spray them in future and save crops.

Farmer: Insha Allah I shall act on your advice and protect my crops from the harmful insects.

Inspector: In that way you will increase your produce of crop.


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