Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Village Fair (Questions and Answers)

Q.1: Why was village decorated?

Ans: The village was decorated because there was annual village fair.

Q.2: Why was it the best time to visit the village?

Ans: It was the best time to visit the village because the annual village fair was in full swing.

Q.3: What kinds of shops had been setup for the fair?

Ans: All kinds of shops from handkerchief to farming tools had been setup for the fair. Mostly these shops were temporary.

Q.4: What was the use of these shops for the villagers?

Ans: These shops were very useful for the villagers, because they bought and sold their articles there. They did their shopping at these shops.

Q.5: What were the different entertainments in the fair for the children?

Ans: The fair provided many entertainments to the children. There was monkey show, shows of conjurer, jugglers’ acrobats and rope dancers. There were also swings and merry-go-rounds.

Q.6: How did the juggler entertain people?

Ans: The juggler entertained people by juggling with seven balls at a time without dropping any of them.

Q.7: How did conjurer perform his tricks?

Ans: The conjurer took Bilal’s handkerchief tore it into pieces and then he returned it to Bilal undamaged.

Q.8: What is tent pegging?

Ans: Tent pegging is a popular sport. In this wooden pegs are fixed in the ground. Then players who ride horses make their horse run fast and try to pull pegs with their lances.

Q.9: What made dogs run in the dog race?

Ans: A rabbit made the dogs to run in the dog race.

Q.10: What was the special announcement?

Ans: The special announcement was about the horse race.


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