Friday, September 4, 2009


While Najma and Ajmal were having their breakfast mother asked them to be ready to go with her for shopping. Children were surprised to hear this, because they had never been to the market before. The Mother explained them that in the past all the purchases were made by their father. Now he was away from home and they had run short of groceries and other provisions. So she wants to make all purchases.

They went to market in a taxi. They first visited mutton market. The mother explained the difference between beef and mutton. She told them that beef was the flesh of cows and calves while mutton was the flesh of goats and sheeps. She bought one kilo of leg and one kilo of minced meat there. After it they went to fruit and vegetable market and bought a kilo of tomatoes, five kilos of onions, two kilos of potatoes, one kilo each of cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, green peas and two kilos of spinach and five kilos of carrots. After buying vegetables they bought bananas and apples. After it came the turn of spices and groceries. They bought one kilo of salt, a quarter of red chillies, a quarter of black pepper and other spices. They bought two carrots of soap flakes, three bars of washing soap, four cakes of toilet soap, a kilo bag of ponidge a jar of honey, one bottle each of tomato sauce and vinegar and two packets of biscuits. At the end they bought one kilo of dressed chicken and two dozens of eggs and returned home. Children enjoyed the shopping very much.


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