Friday, September 4, 2009


(A) Teaching: Teaching is a noble profession. Teacher is the one who knows how to read God’s words, written in Holy book, or on human hearts or in nature.

The teacher must possess many important qualities. The first and most important quality of a teacher is that he must love and appreciate his profession. He must prefer the welfare of taught to his own. Another quality of a teacher is that he must have thirst for knowledge. He must be prepared to learn from each and every one, even younger and less gifted. A very important quality of a teacher is that he not only tries to know what is true, good and beautiful, but also seeks to incorporate them in life. He must practise what he preaches.

(B) Fishing: Fishing is an important occupation. Millions of people are engaged in this profession. The fisherman catches fish from the deep waters. They remain at the sea for days and weeks come back with large quantity of fish.

There are two modes of fishing, Inland or fresh water fishing and sea or marine fishing. Fresh water fish are caught from rivers, streams, canals, lakes and ponds. Fresh water fish is small but more tasty Marine fishing in Pakistan is done in Arabian Sea.

The Government of Pakistan is paying more attention to fishing industry. Loans are given to fisherman to buy bigger and better boats and nets of good quality. Weather stations have been built along the coast to inform the fishing boats of storms.

We get several by products from fish, such as glue, manure and liver oil.


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