Friday, September 4, 2009

A Letter to Friend to Lend You a Camera

Examination Hall,

16th March, 2003.

My Dear Friend,


You will surely be happy to learn that some friends of my class are going to Muree for three days visit. I am also going with them. You know I am very fond of taking photographs. Although I have my own camera but it is out of order. I have heard that there are so many charming scenes at Muree.

I want to capture those scenes and other happy moments of visit in the eye of camera. So please lend me your camera for some days. Dear I know it is very costly but I assure you of it’s safe and early return.

With best wishes

Yours Sincerely

X. Y. Z.


  1. nice but spelling of Muree is written wrong actually it is Murree.

    1. Dear anonymous, I'm glad that you noticed that mistake which no one earlier did. But dear, this is not a copy paste like other sites, all material available on this site is completely composed by myself and I being a human can make mistakes so please ignore this :)

  2. letter should be long for gaining good marks

  3. its gud and easy :* <3