Saturday, September 5, 2009

King Faisal (Questions and Answers)

Q.1: When was King Faisal born?

Ans: King Faisal was born in 1907.

Q.2: From whom did he receive religious education?

Ans: He received religious education from his maternal grand father Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Latif.

Q.3: When was Faisal made the King?

Ans: Faisal was made the King in 1964.

Q.4: How did Faisal rule Saudi Arabia?

Ans: Faisal ruled Saudi Arabia wisely and justly.

Q.5: How did he develop his country?

Ans: He spent lot of money on the development of his country. New mills and factories were established. School, Universities and Hospitals were opened and new lands were brought under cultivation.

Q.6: What were the feelings of King Faisal about Pakistan?

Ans: King Faisal was true and sincere friend of people of Pakistan. He gave generous help to Pakistan on various occasions.

Q.7: Why was King Faisal against the state of Israel?

Ans: King Faisal was against the state of Israel because of its enmity towards the Arabs.

Q.8: What did Faisal do for the Arabs in their war against Israel?

Ans: King Faisal strengthened Arabs in their war against Israel.

Q.9: When was King Faisal died?

Ans: King Faisal died in an assault by his wicked nephew on 25th March 1975.

Q.10: How did the Muslims feel over his death?

Ans: Muslims all over the world mourned his death. His death was great loss of Muslim world.


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