Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Inheritors (Questions and Answers)

Q.1: What property did the two brothers inherit from their father?

Ans: The property that two brothers inherited from their father consists of a cow, a date palm tree and a blanket.

Q.2: What was the suggestion of Azam about the division of the property?

Ans: Azam suggested that they should divide the property verbally.

Q.3: Why did Moazzam agree to the division?

Ans: Moazzam was simple and trusting and he thought that it was fair division.

Q.4: Who fed the cow and who got the milk?

Ans: Moazzam fed the cow and Azam got the milk.

Q.5: Why did Azam not give dates to Moazzam?

Ans: Azam did not give dates to Moazzam because according to agreement upper part of the tree belonged to him.

Q.6: Was the blanket of any use to Moazzam?

Ans: During the day time it was hot, so the blanket was of no use for Moazzam.

Q.7: What did Moazzam do when Azam was milking the cow?

Ans: When Azam was milking the cow, Moazzam hit the head of cow with a short stick.

Q.8: What did Moazzam do when Azam began to pick the dates?

Ans: When Azam was picking the dates, Moazzam began to cut the trunk of the tree with an axe.

Q.9: What did Moazzam do to the blanket?

Ans: Moazzam made the blanket wet.

Q.10: What did Azam say to Moazzam about blanket?

Ans: Azam promised to share the blanket with Moazzam.


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