Friday, September 4, 2009

The Inheritors

Moazzam and Azam were two brothers. Their father was a farmer. Their mother died when they were very young. Their father also died leaving behind a cow, a date palm tree and a blanket. Azam the elder brother was greedy and clever while the Moazzam younger one was simple and trusting. Azam the elder brother cheated Moazzam by dividing property in a strange manner. He gave the front part of the cow to his brother and kept rear part for him-self. Like wise he kept the top of the tree for him self and gave the lower part to his brother Moazzam. Then he chose to keep the blanket during the night hours and gave it to Moazzam during the day time.

Moazzam suffered very much at the hands of his brother. His brother got all the milk and the dates. His job was to feed the cow and water the tree. At last an old man felt pity for him and gave some practical suggestions to him. Accordingly, when Azam started milking the cow, he began to beat the front part of the cow. The cow moved here and there and Azam could not milk it. Seeing changed behaviour of younger brother Azam promised to give him half of the milk. One day when Azam climbed the date-palm tree for picking dates, Moazzam started cutting the trunk of the tree with an axe. When Azam asked for reason he replied that he was only cutting his part of the tree. Azam sensing the attitude of his brother also shared the dates with him. At night when Azam came to sleep under blanket it was wet. Seeing so Azam suggested that both would share the blanket during the night. This is how Moazzam taught a lesson to his greedy brother.


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