Friday, September 4, 2009

How to Do Things

(A) Arranging a party:

It was Shahnaz’s birthday. She was very excited because she wanted to celebrate it in a befitting manner. Qaisera her best friend offered her services to make the party successful. They discussed about the menu and decided to serve Kababs, Samosas, Sandwiches, Fruitchat, Sweet Meat and Cake along with Tea.

They decorated the drawing room so that it presented a beautiful look. Then they went to kitchen where they made Fruitchat and Kababs and sandwiches. In the evening the father brought birthday cake that bore the name of Shahnaz with a wish for happy birthday.

They also made arrangement for the amusement of guests. Accordingly the planned indoor games such as “The parcel game”, “Treasure hunt” and music chairs.

The guests arrived. They were wearing gaudy dresses. Shahnaz cut the birthdays cake. All the guests offered her gifts and wishes when tea was over the interesting games started. All of them took part in the games and enjoyed the fun and laughter. Party came to an end in the evening. Shahnaz was very happy because it was a very good party and every body enjoyed it.

(B) Mending a Puncture:

Riding a bicycle is a joy when one is young. But suddenly that joy vanishes when cycle gets punctured. This emergency should not worry the rider if he is prepared for it. Bicycle is layed on the ground. Kit of mending puncture is taken out. The kit contains old bicycle tube, small scissors pair, a wrench, sand paper, a colour pencil and sticking solution. Some water in a shallow pot be filled and tyre is taken out of rim. After inflating tube it may be dipped in water. When punctured part would come under water small bubbles would appear in this way whole tube must be tested. Punctured space must be marked with colour pencil. After deflating tube be dried. The punctured spot are made rough with sand paper. Then a piece of old tube be taken and made rough with sand paper. After it sticking solution be applied on tube as well as piece of rubber. The piece of rubber be put on punctured part of tube. In this way puncture is mended.

Mending puncture at cycle shop is different. A kind of half solid rubber solution is applied on the punctured part of the tube. It is heated at certain temperature for some time in a press like machine. The solution melts and sticks on the tube so that both are inseparable. This method is common nowadays.


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