Monday, September 7, 2009

How to do Things (Questions and Answers)

Q.1: Why was the party arranged?

Ans: The party was arranged to celebrate the birthday of Shahnaz.

Q.2: What was menu of the party?

Ans: Items which were included in the menu of the party were Kababs, Samosas, Sand witches, Fruit Chat, Sweet meat, and cake along with tea.

Q.3: What was written on the cake?

Ans: The name of Shahnaz with a wish for happy birthday was written on the cake.

Q.4: What games were arranged for guests?

Ans: The games arranged for guests were “Passing Parcel” “treasure hunt” and “musical chairs”.

Q.5: Why was Shahnaz happy at the end of the party?

Ans: Shahnaz was happy because it was a good party and every body had enjoyed it.

Q.6: When is a bicycle ride a joy?

Ans: The bicycle ride is a joy, when one is young.

Q.7: When does this joy vanishes?

Ans: This joy vanishes, when the bicycle some one is riding gets punctured.

Q.8: What does the kit for mending puncture contain?

Ans: The kit for mending puncture contains a wrench, a piece of old cycle tube, a pair of small scissors, sand paper, a colour pencil and sticking solution.

Q.9: What happens when punctured part of the tube goes under water?

Ans: When the punctured part of the tube goes under water, air bubbles will be seen coming out of the small hole with hissing sound.

Q.10: What do we use to make tube rough by rubbing?

Ans: We use sand paper to make the tube rough by rubbing.


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