Friday, September 25, 2009


They are important constituents of cell. They occur in nuclear reticulum (chromosome). DNA has deoxyribose with one less oxygen atom in ints molecule. DNA is double strended molecule Biologists view that all secrets of life are embodied in DNA. It is the chemical basis of life. DNA is the controlling centre of all vital activities of the cell. DNA is sole genetic (hereditary) material migrating intact from generation to generation through the reproductive units or gametes and is responsible for the development of specific characters of a plant. It also controls biosynthetic process of cell including Protein synthesis. In 1953 Watson and Crick gave the model of DNA.

Each pair is made of two distinct nitrogenous bases Purines and Pyramidines. Altogether there are two Purnes adnine and guanine and two Pyrimidines thyamine and cytosine. It is a rule that a specific purine always pairs with a specific pyrimidine.

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