Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dignity of Work (Questions and Answers)

Q.1: Why did Akhtar not answer his mother?

Ans: Akhtar did not answer because he was feeling cross.

Q.2: What did Mr. Inayat tell the children?

Ans: Mr. Inayat told the children many interesting thing about his experience, gained by travelling many parts of the world.

Q.3: What reason did Akhtar gave his uncle for being cross?

Ans: Akhtar told his uncle that in school teacher made him to dust the cupboard and desks.

Q.4: What did the teacher do himself?

Ans: The teacher himself swept the classroom and emptied the dustbin.

Q.5: What did the Holy Prophet (Peace by upon him) love?

Ans: Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) loved doing work for himself and for others with his own hands.

Q.6: Were the companions of Holy Prophet like him?

Ans: The companions of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) were like him. They also loved doing work for themselves and for others with their own hands.

Q.7: What did Hazrat Abu Bakar do?

Ans: Hazrat Abu Bakar not only did his own work but also fetched water for widows and neighbours who were very old and had no one to work for them.

Q.8: What did Hazrat Fatima do?

Ans: Hazrat Fatima fetched water, ground corn and swept the house.

Q.9: How did Sultan Nasir-uddin earn his living?

Ans: Sultan Nasir-uddin earned his living by making caps.

Q.10: What does every one do in China?

Ans: In China, every one has to spend some time each year working in the fields or in a factory.


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