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Water Logging and Salinity in Pakistan

Due to careless use of water in post, a great deal of harm to the lands is being done. The water in unlined canal is seeping through the soil have become water logged and useless for cultivation. This is considered as one harmful disease for cultivated lands. When the water table rose to five feet below the surface the saline water reached the surface by the capillary action with a further rise of the water table, water logging took place. According to exports, it is estimated that after every hour about 12 hours of our cultivated land becomes water logging, and about one lakh acres of becomes water logged, and about one lakh acres of cultivated lands of our country suffer from salinity and water logging every year. It is estimated that 20 percent of cultivated area of the country is affected by salinity of which 8 percent is severally affected. Sindh is worst affected province where 48 percent of the soil is saline, of which 18 percent is strongly saline. According to soil salinity survey undertakes by Wapda it was estimated, that in coming 20 years this disease may increase up to 30 percent. A branch of Wapda known as scarp, salinity control and Reclamation project have been launched, there are 41 stations out of which about two third have already been completed and reclamation schemes over an area of 7.3 million acres in the upper Indus plain and 4 million acres in the lower Indus plain. Ground water in upper Indus plain is usually fresh in the lower Indus plain is commonly saline, and therefore of less use for these projects.
SCARP is fighting a combat against this harmful disease, Indus Bar has been divided into 28 zones for the facilities of department, in which 17 zones of reclamation are working in Sindh. Tube wells and drains were to play the key role in reclamation.
Remedies and Suggestions:
The vast area of our cultivated lands is becoming water logged and saline every year. It is essential that the use of canal water should be limited, where canal water running in excess. Beside adequate drainage and the construction of network of tube wells are also necessary to reclaim the lands affected by water logging and salinity. The pumping of water by tube wells not only lowers the water table besides providing water for irrigation, it also helps flush the surface salts doom into the earth. Acting upon the remedial measures for water logging and salinity is not possible for individuals, because the care of these disease at once. If requires lot of time and huge investment which is not possible without government incentive and aid.

Religion and Morality:
Religion is very powerful and purposeful factor of social change and control. It is an institution which has grip over the people in all civilised societies. Kingsley Davis is of the view that “So universal, permanent and pervasive is religion in human society that unless we understand it thoroughly, we shall fail to understand society”. Though bold of religion is not so strong today as it was yesterday, yet the priests, churches, and religious institutions and organisations are listened with care and respect. How to define religion and how it originated? What is its relation with science and education? How far religion moulds society and social behaviour and what are social functions of religion are some of the important questions with which our society is faced.


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nice work

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April 9, 2012 at 3:33 AM

the ways of overcoming it should have been clear as well as the areas of pakiastan where it takes place should also have been mentioned.however on the whole it was nice!!

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nice one and gud information...quite helpfull....thanxx

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Poor english

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well sorry the spellings of pakistan is PAKISTAN not pakiastan !!

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November 18, 2013 at 12:59 AM

can you please mention those areas prone to water logging in Pakistan it? And remedial measures also

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masturbation is the first priority to solve this problem so keep it up.....
by Altaf Hussain

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