Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Role of Sociology in Social Problems

Certain questions concerning propriety emerge when one considers the proper role of sociologist. At time the sociologist acts as a scientist, at other time he/she is a participant in society. The following four rules represent the most important roles of the sociologist. These rules are not mutually exclusive, and as is frequently the case, a sociologist can play several of these roles concurrently.
1. Research Scientist:
Sociologist can be a research scientist. In this role, the sociologist conducts scientific research and in so doing, collects and organizes knowledge about social life. Nearly all research sociologists are employed by universities, governmental agencies, foundation, or corporations. At a university, the sociologist may be engaged in teaching and research (funded or unfunded) concurrently.
2. Policy Consultant:
The sociologist can be a policy consultant. In this role, the sociologist predicts the probable effects of a social policy. Many social predicts the probable effects of social policy. Many social policies have failed because they were not scientifically researched but were based on un-sound assumptions and predictions.
3. Technician:
The Sociologist can be a technician. Many sociologists employed by various corporations, governmental agencies, and so on in order to make the organized more efficient. In this kind of work, the sociologist must especially be careful not to place the goals of the organization above the ethics of the profession.
4. Teacher:
The sociologist can be a teacher. Teaching continued to be the major career of most sociologists. As a teacher, the sociologist in a position to exert a tremendous influence over his/her students. A sociologist who teaches must always be aware of the ethical issue of possible indoctrination of students by encouraging a particular course of social action.


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