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Role of Religion in Muslim Society

Durkhein defined religion as a unified system of beliefs and practices related to sacred thing, uniting into a single moral community all who adhere to those beliefs and practices. Religion has the following components. All religious observe ceremonial practices called rituals. Religious rituals are prescribed acts which are sacred. Offering Prayer, Haj and scarific animals are the famous rituals of Islam. Nikah ceremony is performed in a defined manner and holds basic importance in marriage. The rituals when performed create a special feeling. The performance of religious ceremony creates emotions of sacrific and love for humanity and the sacred objects. Beliefs are religious ideas about the rituals and ceremonies they lay the foundation of rituals and religion itself. Religious beliefs are mostly related super natural things.
Some about Islam and its impacts on Society:
There are so many religions i.e. Hinduism, Judaism, Taoism, Shantoism, Zoroastriasm, Buddhism and Islam. Islam is the oldest religion of the world. It was founded by Hazrat Adam the man and the first. Messenger of “ALLAH” on this planet of Earth. All other religious were restricted to an area or community but Islam was being reached by numberless prophets of ALLAH in different parts of the world. Last of all Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was born in Mecca and ALLAH completed this religion Islam by revealing his Holy Book, the Quran on the prophet. All the principles of social life for mankind are in this Holy Book. Islam is the religion of ALLAH and no other religion except Islam will be accepted on Doom’s day.
Values are the things of ideas linked by the people, those things called as good are the values of people. Values change very slowly. If rapid changes there is social unrest and frustration among the people. Science has no relation with values. The sociologists deal with Human behaviour. They should be objective in observing and recording the social facts. Cultural and social are two major types of values. Cultural are the traditional values while the social are the modern values. Islam gives the lesson of welfare, union, organization and best relation with each other. Islam is a unified system of beliefs and practices related to scared things. Islam has its elements as rituals, emotions, beliefs and the organization.
However, we shall discuss briefly the following concepts of Muslim society. Millat, Ummah, Momin, Taqwa, Amer-o-Nehi, Sunnah, Ijma, Qiyas and Jihad.
1. Millat: The concept of millat is wider than that nation the concept of the nation is limited to a society while millat includes all such sovereign nations have a common religion that is dominant among their people. The concept of millat was first used by King Sulaiman of Turkey.
2. Ummah: In Quran all the human beings have been addressed by ALLAH such as “o mankind”. The concept of Ummah beings from here. All the human beings make an Ummah. This concept has now crossed is an international concept for all nations. This Ummah will be called Ummah of the Hazrat Adam.
3. Momin: Momin is person who believes in what the holy prophet practised or said momin is one who has imam (Talib). Momin is always Muslim. And a Muslim is one who surrenders himself fully to ALLAH and his prophet. According to Muslim in the tradition of Jibrael as narrated by Umar-i-bin-khattab, the Holy Prophet explained Islam.
4. Taqwa: Imam Raghib Asphahami, in his book “Muzardat Quran” describes Taqwa as saving oneself from anything which causes sin. Taqwa is an internal change in the individual. It is the result of interaction with ALLAH through obedience. One who adopts Taqwa is called Multaqui.


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