Monday, August 31, 2009

A Road Accident

Road accidents are almost of daily occurrence. The result is the loss of human lives. These occurrences are the result of carelessness and rash driving. A few days ago a sad event happened before my eyes. The accident was due to rash driving. The owner of car was driving him self. He appeared to be in hurry. All of a sudden a calf appeared on the road from a side street. The driver tried to save the calf but lose control over steering. The car struck against an electric pole. The car driver received cut in the head and it was bleeding profusely. The car was badly damaged. A huge crowd gathered at the spot of accident. The police was informed by some one. The police men arrived. They called the ambulance. The injured was taken to hospital for the treatment. The police party recorded the statements of the shopkeepers and other persons who were present at the cite of accident. Fortunately the driver was safe after first and he was relieved from the hospital after half an hour. Thanks to God there was no loss of life.


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