Friday, August 21, 2009

Problems of Educational Institutions

The following are the major problems of education and its institutions in Pakistani society:-
1. Poor standard of education and mass failure in examinations.
2. Illiteracy.
3. Unrest among students.
Poor Standard of Education – Most of the students who pass the examination fall in third division. Only a few percent gets first and second division in higher education of college and university.
Those who fail in examinations make a bulk of the whole. Mostly they are more than 70 percent of the total who appear in examinations. Moreover those who clear they make several attempts in several years.
Those who clear without failure throughout their education career form a very minute ratio in the whole. It means years of costly life and thousands of rupees per year are lost for every young students who does not clear in one attempt. The total loss of life and money at national level is great tragedy for this nation. Hence mass failure in examinations and poor standard in education can be called a social problem of Pakistan.
Among its causes the following points are worthy of importance:
1. The teacher’s role is also responsible to the extent when the students in class are not satisfied by his teaching and behaviour.
2. The parents are responsible to the extent that they pay little attention to their children at home and think themselves free from this duty.
3. The community is responsible for providing an environment which is not favourable toward education. Radio, T. V, papers, books, celebrations, associations and other social activities in community attract the attention of students and they get off their studies.
4. The students cannot be blamed because they have always been in the hands of above three agencies that could mould then as useful as they could.
Illiteracy – In Pakistani society the rate of literacy according to 1981 census was about 34 percent. While literacy definition was able to read a paragraph in any language with understanding. Now literacy rate is being estimated at 30 percent and illiteracy being 70 percent.
An illiterate person can neither understand the problems and new trends of social life nor can follow them. He remains backward and the standard of living of such people remains very low. The total national development is affected negatively.
To make the nation progressive it is imperative to remove or minimise illiteracy. The programme launched by government is called adult education. This policy is facing serious problems in rural areas specially where the adult students find little time to attend to the teacher all at a time and at one place.
Unrest among Students – The students in colleges and universities are facing problems of dissatisfaction which they express through mass behaviour like strikes and class boycott. This situation sometimes grows so serious that the governments were forced to change. This situation according to the science of society has following reasons:
1. The students expressing leadership through mass behaviour had experienced dissatisfaction in the socialization of their early childhood. The family could not socialize them in normal social life and the dissatisfaction led to frustration. This frustration could be expressed in no other situation except a suitable ground found in educational institutions.
2. The dissatisfaction coming to students from their teachers and college administration also added to their unrest condition.
3. The dissatisfaction coming to the students from the list of hopes of success in examinations diverted toward new activities.
4. The students who get into politics of college and the community pay little attention towards study and become active worker of politics. They show unrest behaviour in educational institutions.


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