Monday, August 31, 2009

The Post Man

There are post offices all over the world. They make arrangements to deliver the mail to people. The person who delivers mail from house to house is called post man. The post man is an important public servant. He is found in every nook and corner of the country, whether it is a city or a town or a village.

The post man is called the messenger of good news. But sometimes he brings us sad news also. We always wait for him eagerly because he brings us letters, parcels and money orders. He has to work very hard. Rain or sunshine he must do his duty, but it is pity that he is low paid. He can hardly support his family with in his salary.

The post man wears a Khaki uniform. It consists of a turban, a coat and trousers. He wears a leather belt round his waist. A leather bag containing letters, money order, cash and small parcels hangs from his shoulder. He arranges them in order of houses and shops in his beat. Then he comes to the city and delivers those letters from house to house and shop to shop.

The post man’s life is not an easy one. He has to walk about 10 kilometres a day. He has to do his duty in all weathers. He enjoys a few holidays his work requires that he must be strong, active, punctual, and polite and knows to read well.

The post man is very useful person. He is an important part of the great system which enables people in all parts of the world to keep in touch with one another.


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