Friday, August 21, 2009

Poor Standard of Education in Pakistan

Students of colleges and universities are a problem today for the, teachers, administrator and the controlling agencies. They create distance within the constitutions and out in society. Students are the challenges because they are the students of today, the product of industry, technology and urbanization. They have been brought up in modern life with the information of Radio, TV, Newspapers and other sources of mass media communication. One thing is fact to the extent that we have lost previous and past condition of life and have entered in new lights of industry technology, education and urbanization. They have been influenced by the light of the latest development within the country and world around them. They have thrown away the old customary way of life adopted modern fashion and latest trends in their economic, political, religious, educational and fimiliar life. They are different products of new environment where the conventional of prestige and respect for the old is different from the one was a decade before. The concept of life have been changed for them because they are living in a life different from one which was for their parents. Their parents and teachers used to live in another world different from the world in which they are living. It has given a gap of cultural difference between the students and their teachers. This gap had led to the problem of mal – adjustment between them.
Teacher – Student Relationship:
Another problem for the student within the institution is that the method of teaching of the teacher and level of learning for the student are different. The lecturers and the material delivered to them appear little useful because they show little interest in listening of it and the process of learning fails automatically. The teachers who have their own methods of teaching which are mostly unacceptable to the brain of the students and they say that they are not able to understand what the teacher said. The students become indifferent from the class, the lectures and the books and the subject. The interest of the students in attending the class has grown weaker that is why they fail to understand what has been given to them by the teacher.
The important point for the student here is that the material of the subject chosen by them, is not so easy as the level of their brain. This also lessens their interest in studies.
Students present an objection to the teacher in the class, but he fails to clear the point upto their satisfaction. It is also a matter of grave to present and explain the material inform required by the students.
The Students and Politics:
The politics of society is openly available here which influences than to its own direction. That is why most of the student coming to the educational institutions have their political back ground within the family, the neighbourhood and society in general. They are easily available to the politicians to represent them and their parties among the student of the institutions. That is why most of the parties within the society’s find their signs in the educational institutions, we cannot stop this practise because one party if takes this step, the other party takes the same action. The important point here is to stop student from including in local and national potipolitices and pay head to their studies. This is a crucial question for the educations to answer.
Role of Teacher:
This problem can be solved easily because the students are bare, rough and without interest. If we make the education to the students to be operational productive and easy to understand, the interest will definitely follow them. Gramming of books will stop and learning process will become easy.
Our students are the challenges for the teachers from various points of view. They have been frustrated and disturbed mostly by the environment in their home and of their neighbourhood. They have been disturbed emotionally in family life. This frustration has led them to express their frustration in the education age in the forms of strike, class boycott and procession at roads. Such students mostly belong to such family where peaceful environment cannot be provided to them. Parents and other members are responsible for this matter.


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