Monday, August 31, 2009

The Police Man

The police man is an important Government official. He looks very active in his uniform, blue cap, black shirt and Khaki paints. He wears round his waist a leather belt with a steel plate bearing his number. He has short strong heavy stick and whistle. He is usually tall, strong and well-built.

All public servants the police man is perhaps the most useful. His chief duty is to keep law and order in the country. He also controls the traffic. He must find out the criminals and present them before court of justice in order to punish them. He has to work as watchman at night also in order to protect the life and property of people. He safeguards the interests of peaceful citizens. He is terror for criminals, but is helpful friend of law abiding citizens.

The duty of a police man is hard and dangerous, but he is low paid. He has to support his family with that little income. The Pakistani policeman is generally un-educated and does not behave well. Most of the people do not like him because he is often dishonest and accepts bribes. He is very hard up on the poor and innocent and often let the guilty go. So he is often source of trouble to peaceful citizens. He should be educated and honest. He should be polite and kind to people in trouble. But it is very necessary that he must be paid well and respected because he is the real guardian of law and order.


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