Monday, August 31, 2009

My School / Our School

In study in Government High School It is one of the oldest schools of the city. It is situated in the centre of the city. My school is housed in the grand and beautiful building. My school has fifteen class rooms, a library, a science hall, a computer laboratory, a staff room, an office of the clerk and an office for the Head Master. All the rooms are airy and well ventilated. There is a beautiful park in the front of the main building, where students relax and pass their recess period.

All the class rooms of my school are decorated with pictures, maps and charts. There is a good library. The library has a good stock of books, some of the books are very interesting.

There are fifty five teachers of different cadres in my school. All of them are hard working and trained hands. Our Head Master is efficient, hard working and kind. He is very popular among the staff and students. He keeps a strict eye upon the students.

The school has two play grounds one badminton court yard, a swimming pool and a nice cafeteria. Games are compulsory in our school. Our school takes part in different tournaments and wins champion ships and trophies.

Our school is progressing in all fields. In studies it has made a mark. Its students secure positions mostly in all examinations.

In debate competitions also the students of our school secure good positions. It is considered to be one of the best schools in city. Its reputation is very good. It is playing its due role in the field of education I am proud of my school.


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