Monday, August 31, 2009

My Favourite Teacher / My Ideal Teacher

Teaching is a very noble profession, since ancient times teachers are highly respected in eastern societies. In fact teachers are pillars of a nation. They make future of a country bright by teaching the citizens of tomorrow. Ideal teacher scan produce a nation of cultured and disciplined people. Every student has ideal teacher or favourite teacher. I have met many teachers during my student life. I respect all of them very much. But in spite of my respects for all Mr. X.Y.Z is my most favourite teacher. I like him for his good qualities and vast knowledge.

He teaches us English. He is young man of thirty. He is highly qualified, learned and experienced teacher. He is a man of good habits. One can always see him in cheerful mood. He possesses a very impressive personality. He wears simple but neat clothes. His simplicity enhances his personality. He is very punctual and regular person. He keeps very strict discipline in the class.

He is true seeker of knowledge. He tries to teach us the virtues of truth, honesty and justice. He is highly impartial and never discriminates among students. He takes interest in our welfare. He knows that the cause of education can only be served in there is co-operation between the teacher and students. He tries to develop personal relations with students to know their difficulties and to help them in removing the same. He is an asst of our city. I am really proud of being his students.


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