Monday, August 31, 2009

Merits of Science

We are living in the age of science. In every walk of life we have scientific facilities, and inventions of scientists have mode our life more comfortable and happy for us than it was in the past. If our ancestors happen to visit the modern world they will not be able to recognize it.

The contribution of science is seen in our daily life. We feel frightened to think of old ages when there were no trains, no aeroplanes, no electric fans, no radio sets, no X-rays, no printing press, no refrigerators, no Air-conditioners, computers and no means of entertainment as films, T. V, V. C. R, C. Ds etc. Really all these facilities and aids have been given to us by un-parallel progress of science in the twentieth century.

Science has made powerful achievement in the field of communications. It has shortened time and space. Today we have fast-moving trains, comfortable motor cars and luxurious aeroplanes and ships. We can over the distance of thousands of kilometres in few hours. Science had provided us with labour saving machines and devices. For pen to motor bike we have a large number of means of amusement and recreation due to the science. By watching T. V. and film in cinema we refresh our tired minds. In the field of medicine, science has provided us with many wonder drugs like pencilling.

To conclude, human life has been renders much more comfortable by the blessings of science.


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