Monday, August 31, 2009

The Lion

The lion is very strong animal. It is called the king of the jungle. It looks very grand and royal. It is found in forests of Africa and Asia. It is flesh eating animal. It kills and eats animals like deers, goats, cows and buffallows. It is a beast of prey. It hunts at night. It does not eat animals killed by others but it eat animals killed by it self.

The lion’s built is very strong. It has lot of hairs on neck called mane. It has two small eyes and two pointed ears. Lion has got very sharp and pointed teeth in order to kill the animal very well. It has a long bushy tail. It roars aloud. Its roar can be heard from distanced areas.

The lion is a noble, strong and intelligent. It is trained, and then used in circus. It is also kept in a zoo.

The lion is very dangerous animal, sometimes it attacks the travellers in forest. Its fat is used by Eastern classical doctors in medicines. Its bones are also used for many purposes.


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