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Importance of Social Inter-Action in Society

What do you understand by social inter-action? It is essential for the growth of society.
Ans: Society is essential for physical and cultural development of people and all social groups act and behave in the particular fashision. When the people meet and see each other they either act favourably or react unfavourable to actions and behaviour of other. Not only this, but behaviour of every other individual. Thus there is a reaction going on around and it has been said that social interaction is stimulation of social behaviour and conduct.
Various definations have been put forth by our social scientists for defing social interaction Dowson and Getly are of the opinion that “Social interaction is the process where by men interpeneterate the minds of each other”. Gish he said that “Social interaction is the reciprocal influence human being exert on each other through inter-stimulation and response”. Eldrege and Merrill have said that social interaction is the general process where by two or more persons are in meaningful contact with each other as a result of which their behaviour is modified, however, slightly”.
Importance of Social Interaction:
The importance can not be understand. For purpose of clarity we must understand interaction under following heads.
1. Interaction Influences What We Do:
Interaction influences our action to a considerable length. It becomes an important cause of our acts. We continuously adjust our acts to social salvations. Our decisions are influenced by other people’s acts towards us and our acts influences them as they are taken into account. We influence each other, and each do things that we never thought we would ever do, or could do or wanted to do. Human beings are not solid, unchanging moulds; they change continuously in interaction. All of us are potentially saints or sinners. We can become either or both depending on interaction. For instance, we are in the company of delinquents; they daily use drugs, do crimes naturally in interaction with them.
2. Interaction Socializes Us:
We are socialized in interaction and we socialize others through interaction. Socialization is the process by which we take on human qualities, the process by which we can become the members of society. It is also the process out of which we each develop our individual qualities: attitudes, ideas, habits, values, personality and so on.
Though the interaction we develop language and self. We learn words from others, we speak, we are corrected and overtime we come to understand a host of word, sentences and ideas. Also, in interaction we learn that we exist, we become self-aware. And it is in all of this that we eventually become recognizably human. Each individual is being formed reaffirmed and altered as he or she interacts. Language, ideas, morals, values, tastes, like identity – result from socialization through interaction. The study of socialization is, therefore the study of interaction and how it forms the individual.
3. Interaction is the Source of Human Co-operation:
Interaction is important for on going human co-operation, it is through interaction that we come to know how to organise our actions in relation to others so that we can achieve goals. In interaction, we tell other what they must do and they tell us that we ought to do. Any problem that must be solved co-operatily, from making a touchstone to deciding the guilt on innocence of a person on trial, requires communication through interaction.
4. Interaction creates Social patterns:
Interaction leads to Social patterns. Social Patterns refer to the fact that as people interact and get used to each other. Interaction becomes organised, rule bound, less spontaneous, more structural and predicated. People understand what to do around each other. In this way some things new is established among those who interact, something created, comes to influence those in the interaction. Interaction set, bound to by shared rules, ideas, values, roles.


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