Friday, August 21, 2009

Impact of Industrialization and Urbanization

Urbanization and industrialization have considerably influenced joint family system in all parts of the world. According to same thinkers due to these causes alone the whole system is disintegrating. Though these may be some of the important factors, yet there are other factors which have led to disintegration of the system.
1. Industrial Economy:
From agricultural economy Pakistan is now going towards industrial economy. In it manpower is not needed to that extent which it was needed in the industrial economy. Not only this, but in it each member of the family tries to get absorbed in the industry to which he finds himself most suited. Therefore, members of the same family usually get themselves absorbed in industries located at different places and thus cannot live in a joint family.
2. Influence of Western civilization: Western social life has also influenced our way of living and thinking Joint family system is almost disappearing from the west with result that Pakistanis are now thinking in those terms and are over-estimating the disadvantages and under-estimating the advantages of joint family system. Therefore, they are swinging towards single family as against joint family system.
3. Quick Mean’s Transportation: In the past means of transportation and communication were not quick with the result that moving out from one place to another was difficult. Even if there was desire to learn Joint family that was checked but today that is not the case. Means of transportation and communication are quick and members, of a family can quickly and conveniently move from one place to the other.
4. Urbanization: A great setback to joint family has been given by urbanization. It is due to this trend that the people leave the village and migrate to cities for either better employment opportunities are due to glamour of city life. In the cities and towns they do not find enough accommodation to live in a joint family system. Moreover, orthodoxy which is a feature of rural life is not found in the urban area with the result that the old people and head of the family do not find it convenient to live in the cities. Not only this, but in the urban areas there is a general desire to have a small rather than a big size family. This urbanization has given a great setback to joint family system.
5. Industrialization: Still another great factor which has given setback to joint family system is industrialization. Setting up to new industries has attracted many people for employment in the factories. Once the employment is available, the person leaves the joint family and settles down in nuclear family near the industrial town.
In spite of fact that the times are not very favourable for joint family system yet it is not very correct to say that it has out right been condemned or that it has out lived its utility. In our rural areas it is still much in existence. If the days are favourable those are only in the urban areas.


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