Monday, August 31, 2009

The Horse

The horse is a very useful animal. It is found in almost every country of the world. It is famous for its loyalty, speed and beauty. It has two ears, two shining eyes, one nose and mouth, four uncloven hoofs and a long bushy tail. It has long hair on neck also.

It eats grass, hay, grams etc. It is famous for its love for its master. In our country it draws carriages, carts and tangas. Horses are of different sizes. The small sized horsed are called ponies. They are generally found in hilly countries and are used as a beat of burden. In Europe and America horses are used for ploughing the fields. As the horse is very intelligent and faithful animal. It obeys the orders of its master. So it is trained to perform in circus also. Many stories are told about the faithfulness of the horse. It risks its life to save its master. It has a remarkable memory also. It never forgets the place which it has gone first.

There are many colours and kinds of the horse, such as red, black and white. The Arabian horse is the best kind of horse in the world. It is famous for its beauty and loyalty.


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