Monday, August 31, 2009

The Hockey Match

Last Sunday I had an opportunity to watch a hockey match between Larkana club and Sukkur Club’s hockey teams in Larkana Municipal Stadium. There large number of spectators came to watch the match. Right at 4.00 pm referee blew the whistle and play began. Centre forward of Larkana club pushed the ball towards the opposite end. The next moment he was running after it. It happened so swiftly that the opponents could not move before he had reached the “D”. The goal keeper tried his best but it was too late and the first goal was scored.

Once again the game started. Players of Sukkur club were more active this time, their entire forward managed to beat the Larkana club’s players, and equalled the goal at last minute of first half.

When the interval was over the game became tense and there was great excitement, Sukkur club’s players played a better game. Most of time the ball remained in Larkana club’s half. Time and again their captain reached Larkana club’s goal. Every time Larkana club’s goal keeper stood in his way and cleared the ball. In last moment Larkana club’s centre forward made effort and scored the goal and Larkana club came out victorious. All of the supporters of Larkana club were overjoyed and were clapping with pleasure.


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