Monday, August 31, 2009

Health is Wealth

Good health is joy; good health is a greatest blessing of God. Good health is prosperity as well as prosperity as well as superiority. A healthy person can participate in each and every activity of life. He can study, he can earn his living and he can do his duties with great enthusiasm and interest. A healthy person earns his name and fame. Against it an unhealthy person can do nothing for himself and for others as well.

Being a Muslim it is our duty to keep our selves healthy and adopt healthy things. We should take much care of our health. For good health Islam lays stress on cleanliness and cleanliness has been called the half of the faith. It is why abulation has been made compulsory before saying prayer five times a day. Islam also asks for simple but pure diet. Balanced and pure life makes a person healthy.

Today if we wish to have a healthy society, we will have to purify our environment from pollution. We will have to be simple and natural. It is the fact that healthy environment is better than all medicines in the world. It is also fact that healthy is like a great treasure and it must be guarded properly. We must take care of our bodies because our lives depend entirely upon healthy bodies. Serious trouble with organs of body would mean death. A man who possesses sound health is indeed a rich man.


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