Monday, August 31, 2009

The Farmer

Pakistan is an agricultural country. The agriculture of our country depends upon farmer. The farmer is called back bone of our country.

The farmer is healthy and strong man, he leads a busy but simple life. He knows a few holidays in his life. He works very hard, so he is the model of patience. His simplicity is proverbial. From morning to evening we see him busy in his fields. At one time he ploughs the field at an other he is harvesting, weeding or watering. He patiently waits for the fruits of his labour.

Daily the farmer rises early in the morning, offers his prayers and then drives his cattle to the field. There he ploughs weeds and works. He takes his breakfast at nine in the field. He works till two. His wife or children bring his lunch at his fields. After having lunch he takes rest under shadowy tree for a while. In the afternoon he again gets busy at work. In the evening he carries bundle of grass on his head and returns home. He enjoys a simple but healthy meal and goes to Otaq in order to make chit chat with villagers. Then he goes to bed.

The farmer works very hard but he is mostly poor. His property consists of a team of bullocks, a cow or buffalo for milk, a plough and few acres of land. He feeds whole the nation but lives hand to mouth himself. He is always content what he gets as fruit of his hard work.


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