Monday, August 31, 2009

Dignity of Labour

Labour has got lot of importance in the world. All big mansions, grand high ways and large mills and factories are fruit of labour of man. If there had been no labour, we would have lived in desert, but in our country we most of people are in habit of hating labour. We consider it menial work. We feel shame in doing work with our own hands.

In advanced countries people do not feel shame in doing work with their own hands, it is why they are on the road of prosperity and progress. In Europe and America mostly all the members of each family work in offices and factories even the women do so. Due to that reason all male and female individuals work for themselves.

Islam gives importance to the labour. Our Holy Prophet (Peace by upon him) loved doing work with his blessed hands, four pious Khalifas, Imams and saints followed his foot prints. They all liked to work for themselves and for others. Holy Prophet said “Labourer is friend of God”. From that saying it is evident that only working man and woman are dear to God. A working person earns his or her living by honest means. That lawful earning creates in him the qualities of truth and high moral. If we want to be good Muslim we should not only work with our hands but also appreciate the working persons of the society.

Labour creates self confidence in a person by creating self confidence a person can enjoy the fruits of labour. The fruit of labour is always sweet. It is necessary for us not to forget the importance of labour. Labour keeps us away from the sins of exploitation and corruption.


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