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Difference between Society and Community

Human beings are social animals. The quality we call humanity can be achieved only through social living, for there is no such things as a person whose personality and behaviour have not developed within some human society. Individual and society are both but what is the exact relationship between the two is taxing problem. Habits of a child closely develop in society and a child develops, and grows according to his social environments. In a few words, man is a social animal both by need, nature and necessity without. Society he cannot advance and it is impossible to have fullest expression of his personality and facilities. He requires society both for his life and also for the sake of good life. Society makes his life pleasant and worth living.
Community distinctly has territorial character and people in a community have common soil as well as shared way of life. In the past, community life was very simple but with the changes in society, changes in the community life are also rapidly coming. These changes are visible in both rural and urban life. There are different elements, which help in the development of community setiment. It may however, be remembered that community is different from society as well as association.
However, following points may clear the concept of society and the community.
1. Population, it is one of the most essential and indispensable characteristics of a community irrespective of the consideration whether people have or have not consicious relations.
2. Nature, A community by nature is discrete as compared with society.
3. Area, For a community area or locality is very essential and that perhaps is the reason that the community has a definite shape.

4. Heterogeneity, A community has compatively rarrow scope for community sentiments and as such it cannot have wide heterogeneity.
5. Group of people living together sharing basic conditions of social life. i-e religion languages (very often).
6. It is smaller than the society which is closely tied and well-knit group.
7. It is more ethnocentric than society. Because its members share sentiments.
8. Definite geographical areas is essential.

9. Community exists within society.
10. In a community one finds that common objectives are less extensive and loosely coordinated. Society
1. Population is of course important but here the population is conditional by a feeling of one men. Thus consitous relations are more important than the mere population for a society.
2. By nature and character society is abstract and we can only feel about society.
3. Society is area less and shapless and for a society area is no consideration. That perhaps is the reason that the people living in distant areas and working in different fields conform society.
4. A society has heterogeneity and because of its wide scope and field can embrace people having different confucts.

5. Society is name of structure of all social relaship. Direct or indirect organised on in organised co operative or antagonistic.
6. It is a larger group based on aware nen or conscious nen of its other member/group set.
7. It is less ethnocentric than community. Its members do no share sentiments.
8. Definite geographical area and locality is not necessary.
9. Society include many communities.
10. On other hand in a developed society common objection are more extensive and closely coordinated.


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