Thursday, August 20, 2009

Character of Agriculture Economy of Pakistan

Pakistan is an agricultural country wheat, rice, cotton, sugarcane, maize, millet, oil, seeds pulses are main crops of country. Topographical condition of Pakistan is not plains, but it is uneven, about 59 percent area of Pakistan is under maintains, plateaus, and deserts. Only 41 percent area is under plains, unfortunately we are using only 38 percent are of country for the cultivation purpose. This is an interesting that Punjab possesses 26 percent land area of Pakistan but possesses 57 percent of the cultivated, area on the contrary Balochistan, possesses the largest and area (44 percent) has the smallest cultivated acreage (7 percent). This agricultural leadership of land area, i.e. Punjab is the land of Rivers and Balochistan is the land of Mountains.
About 53 percent population of our country is earning by this sector. From 100 percent cultivated area of Pakistan 65 percent area by rain (Barani) wells, tubewells, and Karez. In the economy of Pakistan, agriculture has an important role about 25 percent of total GNP of country depending on this valuable sector. Government of Pakistan faced serious problem with regard to the development of the neglected areas which has falled with in the geographical boundries of Pakistan. The government had to take revolutionary steps in the fields of agriculture in order to eliminate the convecnal and absolute system and to replace it with the modern agricultural equipment for the development of the agricultural sector. It was not easy job as huge amount of foreign exchange was involved for the import of modern machinery and equipment in order to revolutionize the conventional agriculture sector. However Pakistan gains 25 percent of total GNP from this sector.


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