Friday, August 21, 2009

Causes of Political Crisis

The history of Pakistan in the first half century of the existence is rent with political crises an attendant insecurity. The following are the main causes of such a sorry state of affairs:
1. Political parties in Pakistan seldom paid any attention towards the internal organization of their parties. They instead hankered after power, involving themselves in political intrigues and manipulations.
2. There is a general tendency of shifting political loyalties. The coming into power and the exit there from was generally punctuated by a shift in political loyalties.
3. A tug-of-war for the top slot in power ensued among the party ranks, resulting in the formation of factional groups under the splinter leaders. The Muslim League has faced this all the more as compared to other parties.
4. Under the growing influence of landed aristocracy, the wishes of the common man were generally trampled yielding no place to the poor in the political transactions of the parties.
5. Pakistan was ruled by the military dictators for almost 26 years which precluded the democratic traditions from taking their roots in the society.
6. Due to the void created during the first fifty years, tensions, strife and violence of religious and communal nature, gained intensive ground. Governments failed to mobilize public opinion favouring of tolerance and abdication of bigotry. In many cases they themselves succumbed to the pressure of extremist elements of prolong their stay in power.
7. The supremacy of law and equality before law could not be implemented in letter and spirit.
8. There was no systemic provision for accountability; consequently those who violated the law and acted unlawfully could hardly be brought to book.
9. No attempts were made to instil the spirit of democracy in the society. Elections alone do not describe democracy and need to be translated into real benefits to all and sundry.


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