Monday, August 31, 2009

The Annual Inspection of My School

The Annual Inspection of our school took place on last Wednesday. Our Head Master had told us about the date of inspection a week before it, so we had enough time to make preparations. Students of each class tried their best to decorate the School. All the class rooms were white washed. The classes were decorated with beautiful pictures, charts and maps. Students completed their fair note books and got them signed and checked by the concerned subject teachers. The science hall, drawing hall, the school garden and pavements were decorated. The District Officer Secondary and Higher Secondary Education accompanied by the Head Masters and subject specialists of other schools reached our school at 10:00am. Our Head Master received them at the gate. The Head Master Incharge of the inspection distributed the subjects of the different classes among the Head Masters and subject specialist of other schools. All the members of inspection team inspected the classes and prepared inspection reports and presented them to District Officer. Last of all District Officer Education paid visit to each class. He found the classes well prepared. After it he wrote visiting note in visitor’s book. He then assembled all the teachers and discussed the problems of the school, after it the inspection team left the school.


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